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Baton Rouge Roofing Companies:  3 Tips for Choosing the Right Roofer

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Tue, Jan 26, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

Dollarphotoclub_31886938.jpgWe all get recommendations from those that we trust.  Shopping for a car?  My brother-in-law sells Fords.  Sore knee?  Go see my orthopedist.  Date night?  Check out this restaurant.  Our network of friends and family, and our ever expanding network of social media offer limitless knowledge and experiences that we can trust.  Anything from recommendations for your kids to a good out-of-town golf course, you can depend on these suggestions.  But what about when it comes to something a little more domestic?  Suggestions for major home repairs can hit a little closer to, well…home.  Especially when it comes to your roof.  With this being such an important element to your home, here are 3 tips for choosing the right roofing company for your house.

1.) Make sure they are licensed and insured: This keeps all bids on a level playing field.  Some companies can offer lower prices by ignoring crucial licenses and insurance mandates. 

2.) Always choose local: With widely publicized storms and media attention, it doesn’t take long for out-of-state and fly-by-night roofers to infiltrate an area that has been ravaged by the weather.  The established reputation of a local roofer can go a long way when it comes to trusting their work and being able to reach them should you have a problem. 

3.) Price isn’t everything: Random companies and guys that work out of their truck can obviously do a cheaper job, but when it comes to your home’s biggest line of protection, is that what you want?  You always get what you pay for and you shouldn’t always jump at the lowest price, it could wind up costing you more in the long run.

These are only a few things to consider when it is time to have a roof repair or replacement done.  For over 50 years Cribbs Incorporated has been helping south Louisiana home and business owners with their roofing and sheet metal needs.

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