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Baton Rouge Roofer: How Can Roof Maintenance Lower Your Energy Bill?

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Thu, Sep 10, 2015 @ 09:30 AM

Baton Rouge Roofer: How Can Roof Maintenance Lower Your Energy Bill?To say it’s been hot this summer would be an understatement.  With heat indexes approaching 120 degrees and air conditioners running around the clock, this south Louisiana summer is not only taking its toll on our lawns, but it can be causing your monthly energy bill to take a bigger bite than usual out of your wallet.

Here are three ways your roof can save you money each month by way of a lower power bill.

1.) Light colored roofing materials: Depending on what material you choose for your roof; metal, shingle, slate, tile, etc. the color or coating can make a major difference.  Lighter colors will reflect light (and heat) away from the roof, keeping your home cooler.  With a cooler home your air conditioner can work less, and you’ll subsequently use less energy.

2.) Insulation: Polysio is a thermosetting type of plastic with closed-cell foam.  Traditionally this is used in commercial buildings, but more and more home builders and home owners are opting for this because of its high thermos performance.  This insulation will keep warm air out and cool air in during the summer; and warm air in and cold air out in the winter.

3.) Solar panels: One way to lower your energy bill, and maybe even get a check back from the power company, is to install solar panels.  Your roof can be the ideal location for solar panels because they can absorb the most sun.  They can run many of the appliances in your home from attic fans to your hot water system.  Using the sun to power your house will dramatically lower your energy bill.

These are just a few ways to make your home help you (and your wallet) during these hot summer days.  If you think your roof could be more efficient or have any other concerns about the largest, most protective element of your home, it is important to trust a local roofing company.  For over 50 years Cribbs Incorporated has been helping Baton Rouge home and business owners.  For more information, click here

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