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Baton Rouge Roofing: 3 Ways Louisiana Heat Affects Your Home

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 02:54 PM

Baton Rouge Roofing: 3 Ways Louisiana Heat Affects Your HomeAs we enter the month of August, things are really starting to heat up in the great state of Louisiana.  Football season is right around the corner, school is about to start back up, and of course the hot, humid summer sun is in full force.  While it’s easier to notice the impact on your yard, your plants and your skin, the high temperatures also take a toll on your Baton Rouge home’s roof.  Here are three ways the heat of the summertime can affect your roof.

1.)    Deterioration- Just like anything, when left out in the sun, it’s going to deteriorate to some extent.  While the materials used to protect your home are designed to withstand the elements, without a little bit of maintenance your roof can age much faster than intended.

2.)    Energy Efficiency- The pain of a sunburn after mowing your yard is nothing compared to the pain that your wallet feels when that energy bill hits your mailbox every month.  Combatting 90 degree temperatures between May and September is a tall task for your A/C.  Your roof plays a critical role in keeping your home cool and letting your air conditioner rest.  Any failing spot on your roof is a key place for cool air to escape and hot air to enter.  This is another opportunity where regular inspections and maintenance on and around your roof can help you make your home as energy efficient as possible.

3.)    Aesthetics- When it comes to your home, taking pride in its appearance comes naturally.  Keeping the grass green, keeping the landscaping lush and paint fresh are all great ways to enhance your curb appeal.  However, your roof’s battle with the sun and storms of summer can put a damper on all the work you do on the ground.  Keeping debris off of your roof, making sure no shingles have been damaged by wind and ensuring no areas of your roof are surrendering to the sweltering heat can keep everything above your head as attractive as everything below your feet. 

These are three aspects of your roof that the heat will impact.  If you’ve been curious about the condition of your roof, or any other elements that may be losing that battle this summer, Cribbs Incorporated has been repairing roofs and helping homes for over 50 years.  For more information, click here

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