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Baton Rouge Awnings and Canopies

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Tue, Jul 15, 2014 @ 03:31 PM

Baton Rouge Awnings and CanopiesWhen the sun is high in the sky, the humidity is climbing and any sign of shade would be a welcome oasis, it’s typically nowhere to be found.  The same can be said when a summer hailstorm rolls through or a deluge of rain overflows the gutters and the only shelter around is your oak tree.  If only there was something that could add form and function to your home, keeping both, you and it safe and sound.  Fortunately, there are couple things that can do exactly that.  Awnings and canopies.

Awnings and canopies installed over windows and doors can create a beautiful architectural finish to the outside of your Baton Rouge home or business.  Not only does it enhance the appearance of the structure, it also provides protection.  The elements in south Louisiana can wreak havoc on the windows and doors of our homes.  These are also the most vulnerable areas of your home when it comes to driving wind and rain. 

When selecting the material for your awning there are few ideal options to choose from.  Aluminum, colorklad, copper and galvanized.  These  materials have an attractive appearance, withstand the elements and are easy to maintain. 

Once you have the material, color and design of your awning or canopy picked out you can begin to enjoy the energy saving benefits it provides.  With awnings over sun facing windows, inside heat gain can be reduced by 77% percent.  Glare from sunlight can be reduced by nearly 94%.  The reductions in the impact of the Louisiana summer sun can mean substantial savings. 

So for protection for you, for your home or business and for your wallet, adding beautiful, custom built awnings can be a great addition.  For over 50 years, the roofing and sheet metal needs of Baton Rouge have been handled by Cribbs Incorporated.  For more information or a free estimate, click here.

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