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3 Benefits of a Custom Range Hood for your Baton Rouge Kitchen

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 01:54 PM

3 Benefits of a Custom Range Hood for your Baton Rouge KitchenYour kitchen is likely a popular place in your home.  Between the holidays, game days and midnight snacks, it sees a lot of traffic.  Any way that you can supplement the functionality and appearance of this bustling element of your Baton Rouge home will likely be a welcome addition.  Just like the newest versions of classic appliances, not only do they look great, but they work better than ever.  The same can be said for upgrading or implementing a range hood for your kitchen.  Not only are there options to make it ornate and eye catching, but there are aspects that can make your kitchen operate even better.  Here are 3 key benefits a custom range hood can offer your home.

1.)     Air Quality:  This is the first priority for a range hood.  Filtering harmful and hazardous odors and pollutants from the air that come from preparing and cooking different meals is an essential need for any kitchen.  Custom range hoods today can include exhaust fans and grease filters.  Keeping smoke, grease and steam from coating the walls in your home and lungs of the cook is a crucial benefit you need in your kitchen.

2.)    Enhanced Lighting:  The optimal illumination offered by a custom range hood can really shed some light on your recipes.  You can have an option of a variety of different lighting features and effects.  Additional lighting in the kitchen is always welcomed, having it directly over the source of most of the action makes it even better.

3.)    Value:  Having stated the importance and popularity of the kitchen to a home, there’s no doubt that a stylish, functional custom range hood will add value to your home.  The safety and health benefits are big selling points, couple that with an eye catching design and you will have instant equity in this kitchen upgrade.

While there are many more benefits to having a custom kitchen hood installed over your range, these really drive home the importance of such an element in your kitchen.  At Cribbs Incorporated, designing, creating and installing customized range hoods is one of our most popular services for a reason.  The elegance and functionality they bring to a kitchen speaks for itself.   To get a free estimate for your new range hood, click here.


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