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The Importance of Cleaning Your Baton Rouge Roof

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 02:57 PM

The Importance of Cleaning Your Baton Rouge RoofIt happens a few times a year, some times more often, but we usually get a stretch of weather that means we have some home maintenance to do.  One of the most important tasks we can do as homeowners is to clean and care for our roofs.  The sub-freezing temps we’ve had in this new year, along with the rain can take a toll on the condition of the shingles on your Baton Rouge roof. 

Although this can be an inconvenient and sometimes toilsome task, it is one that can save you considerable time and money down the road.  A main factor that leads to an unappealing appearance as well as the poor health of a roof is the formation of algae and moss on the shingles.  You can see the evidence from the ground.  This algae, lichen and moss is what creates those dark, unsightly streaks and marks on your roof.  The proliferation of these elements stems from manufacturers using limestone as a filling agent in asphalt shingles.  Limestone, unfortunately is a major food source for algae and all of the things that are bad for your roof.

As a result more and more roofs that should still have a substantial lifespan left are looking bad and aging faster due to these elements.  More recently manufacturers have shifted to an “algae-resistant” shingle.  However, algae-resistant isn’t the same as algae proof, and our humid climate can definitely prove that point.  As the environment begins to change on your roof, your shingles aren’t able to do their job.  The granules designed to reflect sunlight are now covered and worn away, allowing your roof and hence your home to heat up, having an effect on your energy bill.

To withstand the ugly onslaught of moss and company, regular cleanings can keep your roof looking good and feeling young.  Of course this service can be done by a trusted Baton Rouge roofing company, like Cribbs Incorporated, but you can also do this on your own and add years to your roof.  A solution of bleach, water and TSP is recommended to clean algae.  A common misconception is that you need a pressure washer or something to provide force during a cleaning.  This couldn’t be more incorrect.  When cleaning your shingles, you should only use the same amount of pressure you get from a garden hose.  Anything more that this will cause your shingles to lose granules. 

A regular, seasonal or semi-annual cleaning can dramatically improve the health and appearance of your Baton Rouge home.  Not only will it enhance the intended features of your roof like curb appeal and efficiency, but it can also prevent premature repair or replacement. 

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