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Your Baton Rouge Roof and Cold Weather

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 01:04 PM

cribbs inc cold weather roofingEven though the calendar says that winter isn’t technically here quite yet, the near freezing temperatures, high winds and wet weather, make it feel like it is.  Gone (for the most part) are the hot, scorching humid days of summer.  Much like the hot sun and storms take a drastic toll on your roof, the frigid temps of winter can do damage to your Baton Rouge shingles as well. 

Some of the damaging elements the summer heat brings to your roof are done in almost an opposite, but equally harmful way.  With the sun’s heat and high temperatures in Louisiana, the materials on your roof expand.  This change in shape, position and structural integrity can open up a variety of problems.  When you couple this change in roofing materials with the winds, rain and hail that accompany the weather in our area, the damage can become exponential.  Well of course during winter, these same materials contract due to the cold temperatures.  This also causes nails to move or become lost, as well as shingles and other materials to shift.  Again during rainstorms or with thawing frost, water may have access to places it typically doesn’t.

A great tip is to check the status of your roof before the weather drastically changes each year.  Checking in the warming weather of spring allows you to assess any damage or needed repairs for the upcoming summer.  Likewise, taking a look in the fall, allows you to account for any damage over the summer that could become a bigger problem through the winter.  Keep an eye out for loose or missing shingles, check the health of your gutters and any other problem areas.

During your semi-annual inspection be sure to clear any debris off that could block water.  Any collection of sticks, leaves, etc. can block rain water and frost.  As precipitation makes its way down your roof, any hang ups coupled with below freezing temperatures could create ice on your roof.  Over a significant cold snap, the weight of the ice in addition to its movement down your roof can create damage to your shingles, place extra stress on the structure and cause leaks.  Luckily, in south Louisiana if you didn’t make it up on your roof in September, you should be able to give it a midseason check-up, or have a Baton Roofer take a look.

Remember, even though we often enjoy the holidays in shorts and head to the pool long before anyone else, our south Louisiana winters can also take a toll on the roofs of our homes and businesses.  If you notice any damage or believe your roof may need some work, Cribbs Incorporated has been servicing the homes and businesses of the capitol area for over 50 years.

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