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What That Leak in Your Baton Rouge Roof May Mean

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 @ 02:47 PM

What That Leak in Your Baton Rouge Roof May MeanThe showers are fewer and farther between now that we’ve traded the heat and afternoon rains of summer for a finally cooler fall.  However, after a rainy season, when the weather does turn wet, you may start to notice some dripping on the inside of your home.  Now this leak could be a simple fix or it could mean a deeper, more complicated issue in your roof.  Let’s a take a quick look at what a leak in your Baton Rouge roof could actually mean.

Leaks can occur for a number of reasons.  No matter what the specific reason, as a homeowner, it’s imperative to find the source and cause to prevent further damage to other areas in your home.  One common occurrence is that a valley in your roof may be clogged up with leaves, sticks and other debris that allows water to backup and sit.  As this water sits there, it places stress on these areas of the roof, compromising it and allowing water into your home.  This could be a simple fix by taking a look at your roof each spring and fall to clear out any debris, allowing water to exit your roof. 

Of course, some leaks don’t occur from such a simple cause.  The source of your now dripping ceiling could be lying deeper within your roof.  Depending on how your roof was originally installed, replaced or repaired could affect the way it stands up against the weather.  If done correctly, your roof shouldn’t allow any water to penetrate into your home.  Unfortunately, the likelihood of at least one minor aspect, much less a major one, being done poorly can be high. 

A key area is called the “nailing zone”.  This is the area of roof where the nails must be placed.  If a roofer misses this “nailing zone” with his nails, the roof simply won’t perform correctly.  When the nailing zone is missed, shingles can pull away and move from the roof.  As shingles move, it allows water to reach places it should never have access too.  Even if the nails are placed correctly, having too few nails in the “nailing zone” can still allow the shingle to move.  As the water slides under, behind and beneath these poorly installed shingles, it creates leaks that find their way inside your home.

Unfortunately most leaks are caused by poor roof installation.  This is another example of how taking that cheaper option can end up costing you more in the long run.  An incorrectly installed roof will often need to be replaced in order to remedy the leaks and other threats to your home.  Cribbs Incorporated has been caring for and protecting Baton Rouge homes for over 50 years.

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