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A Big Difference in Standing Seam and Other Baton Rouge Metal Roofs

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Wed, Oct 09, 2013 @ 10:30 AM

A Big Difference in Standing Seam and Other Baton Rouge Metal Roofs When deciding on a type of roof for your Baton Rouge home or business, one of the most popular roofing options today is the standing seam metal roof.    A standing seam metal roof comes in continuous lengths, has hidden fasteners and features a built-in mechanism to account for the material's natural expansion and contraction due to temperature.  However, in spite of standing seam’s benefits, many people are opting for through-fastened or exposed fastener metal roofs. 

Here are a few quick differences between the two styles of Louisiana metal roofs

  • The exposed fasteners featured by through-fastened roofs equate to hundreds (or even thousands) of holes.  Now these screws, which are placed directly through the face of each panel, have rubber gaskets meant to prevent water from compromising the roof.  However, over time and through the elements of south Louisiana weather, the screws, gaskets and washers can become loose or broken. 
  •     The hidden fasteners of a standing seam metal roof provide a water tight seal.  With the fasteners not being exposed, the roof stands up much better against the elements.
  • The screws that fasten a through-fastened roof panel in place leave no room for flexibility.  They are designed to keep it tightly in place.  As metal expands and contracts with temperature, the fit for your home can change dramatically through the seasons.  This is another opportunity for your roof to be compromised as the panels resist shifting.
  • The corrugated panels of an exposed fastener roof are overlapping, not interlocking.  The spaces left in these overlapping panels are another source of water infiltration. 
  • The continuous panel with interlocking seams (upright, perpendicular seams of adjacent panels, hence the name “standing seam”) of standing seam metal roofs offers superior watertight protection.

While metal roofs of all types offer many benefits depending on your taste and needs, there are still several factors to consider once you make that decision.  Consulting a trusted Baton Rouge metal roofing company and roofing supplier will help you decide if a standing seam aluminum roof is right for you.

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