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Louisiana Strength: Metal Roofing and Tiger Football

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 @ 10:18 AM

Louisiana Strength:  Metal Roofing and Tiger FootballThis Saturday the LSU Tigers will kick off the 2013 college football season in Arlington, Texas against the #20 Horned Frogs of TCU.  This will be the Tigers 2nd Cowboys Classic, a premier opening weekend game, in 3 years.  Over the past 10 years LSU has become a nationally elite program.  Playing in and winning in the strongest conference in the country and contributing to the SEC’s national dominance defines the strength that the athletes and coaches at LSU exemplify. 

To compete for championships on an annual basis the way LSU has since 2001 is a testament to their durability.  In the same way the football team increases its strength through recruiting, winning seasons and major bowl bids, a metal roof can increase the strength of your home. 

With the booming popularity of collegiate football, the competitive landscape, especially in the Southeastern Conference, is more demanding than ever.  Take into account 2014’s looming playoff system and the competition promises to grow.  With all of these factors pressing on a major football program, in spite of recent accomplishments, improvements must be constantly be made and advantages maintained.

The same is true for Baton Rouge metal roofing.  It supplies longevity, durability and strength, as well as style to your home or business, and can for a lifetime.  However, it needs to be maintained in order to do so.  Just like Coach Miles has to restock his cabinet each year through recruiting athletes and hiring coaches, your roof needs care on an annual basis.  Here are five tips on maintaining a strong, sound metal roof.

  • Be sure and assess your roof’s condition.  The older your roof, the more often it may need to be cleaned.
  • Ensure its safe to access your roof.  You’ll need to be able to reach all of the areas of your roof that require attention.
  • Look for any spots of corrosion, excess paint or rust.  Using a wire brush or putty knife you can remove these problem spots and prevent future damage.
  • With a simple cleaning solution you can wash any dirty areas of your roof.  Be sure and clean any areas that seem prone to mildew or mold.
  • Pressure washing can be another good method for the upkeep of your metal roof.

These are very simple ways to keep your standing seam metal roof looking young and ensure the biggest protector of your home stays in top shape for years and years to come.  If only winning crystal footballs could be that simple.

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