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8 Great Tips To Protect Your Roof

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Wed, Mar 13, 2013 @ 03:24 PM

Roofing Baton RougeYour roof protects your home. Not taking care of it could potentially cause a disaster and affect your family’s health. The best way to protect your roof is to be informed. Make sure your roof stays in great condition by inspecting it after severe weather has gone through your area. Below are tips to help you find any trouble spots:

1.  Begin your inspection from the ground or from upstairs windows where you can view the roof surface easily. Use binoculars to zoom in on areas you can’t see well from the ground level.

2.  Remove any fallen leaves, pine needles, twigs and other debris to allow rain, or snow to drain freely. Always use a soft-bristled broom when trying to remove leaves, snow or ice from roof areas.

3. Don’t walk on your roof unless it is necessary to avoid any damage to your shingles. Never climb onto a wet or snow-covered roof.

4.  Make sure your trees are trimmed so branches don’t reach the surface of your roof. This will keep your roof dryer and the growth of algae, mold or fungus are less likely to occur. Keep climbing roses, vines and ivy trimmed away from the roof, as well.

5.  Don’t void your warranty by painting or coating asphalt roofing materials to change the color. If you are seeing discoloration or staining, always check with your roofing company for your manufacturer’s cleaning recommendation.

6. Do not allow water from a downspout to pour onto the roof below as this will create additional wear to your roof. Make sure all upper story downspouts are connected to a lower level gutter with drains installed on the lower roof.

7. Go into your attic and make sure to look at the underside of the roof deck to detect leaks. Flashings are the most vulnerable points, so make sure to inspect all flashing points for water stains.

8. Anytime you have contractors on your roof - chimney sweeps, tree trimming, etc. – always make sure they protect the roof before they start their work.

 As always Cribbs Roofing is here to help guide you through all your roofing needs. Whether you are buying a new roof, or just repairing an old one, Cribbs is always around to help.

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