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Advantages to Slate Roof Baton Rouge

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Tue, Jul 10, 2012 @ 10:28 AM

Slate Roof Baton Rouge

No other roofing material has the natural beauty and durability of slate! Slate is one of the most diverse and elegant selections for a roof covering and has been acclaimed for generations as the ultimate roofing material. It is natural stone and enhances the aesthetic design of nearly any building with its variety of rich natural colors and textures. If you are researching the category of advantages to slate roof baton rouge, you will find there are so many distinct and attractive qualities to slate. There are many benefits to a slate roof from longevity and appearance to energy conservation.

Slate is a metamorphic stone and is essentially laminated rock -- which is why it has the ability to be split into slate tiles. New roofing materials have become available over the years, but slate remains the clear leader in roofing materials. It is the standard by which all others are compared.

Slates tiles come in a wide spectrum of colors in different combinations to match your current home style.  Slate is extremely durable and has a very long lifespan; often up to 50 years or more.  Since slate is made of stone, it is fire resistant and non-combustible.  It is also very resistant to harsh weather conditions and high winds.

Another benefit of a slate roof is lower energy costs due to the increased insulation capabilities of slate. Also, due to the fire resistance, your insurance premium may be lower as well. Due to its long life, your initial investment will likely last the life of your home.  Very little upkeep is needed for a slate roof – and if breakage does happen, it can be easily repaired without extensive costs, as only the tiles involved must be replaced.

The top benefit of slate roofing installation is the appearance.  With a slate roof, your home stands out from others in your neighborhood. The earthy tones available make it easy to match with traditional and newer homes.  The possibilities are endless.  You may be surprised at how your property will transform after your roof replacement project is completed.

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