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Tile Roof Baton Rouge

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 03:30 PM

Tile Roof Baton Rouge  

If you are looking to distinguish your home from others in your neighborhood while adding elements of safety and energy efficiency - you should consider installing a tile roof. Tile roofs hold up against harsh weather effects better than other materials. They also help shed solar heat in summer and insulate heat in winter. As you know, the summers can be pretty hot in South Louisiana, so tile is a great way to keep the home cool. Additionally, tiles are fire resistant – and available in many colors and designs that they will compliment any house.

Concrete and clay tiles have been used as roofing material dating back as far as 3,000 BC. This is due to their ability to last in the face of the elements, as well as the easy availability of materials such as clay.

Roofing tiles, when fired and glazed, are extremely waterproof. They are also completely resistant to mold, pests and sunlight. Roofing tiles also tend to get sturdier over the years, as they become tempered by the elements. Tile will even stand up to windy conditions better than standard shingles because of their weight and structure.

Tile roofs are highly customizable. They can be any color or pattern you desire and can be found in a variety of finishes. There are even many different shapes and styles of tile shingles, some of which are particular to certain roof structures.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a tile roof, there are structural benefits, as well. Tile roofs can actually increase the safety of your home. If a fire ever occurs, the roof is more likely to remain intact without flimsy shingles to feed the flames. This can reduce damage to the house and minimize the risk of a fatal roof collapse.

The sun’s heat is an important consideration when choosing a roofing material. Regular shingles soak up heat, which can make your house hotter inside. Glazed tiles will reflect the sun away during the day, potentially reducing your home cooling bill. After sundown, the accumulated heat stored in the tiles can help keep your home warmer, especially in the winter.

Homes located near the ocean are prone to faster roof decay due to the salty air. Tiles, however, are impervious to such wear which makes them perfect for marine environments.

When objects change temperature, they expand or contract. Freezing causes materials to expand, which over time can cause cracking and other damage. Roof tiles manufactured to modern specifications are able to withstand prolonged exposure to cold conditions without breaking.

Although a tile roof may cost more initially, it will save you money over time. They are low maintenance and have the ability to handle a wide range of weather conditions, which prevents the need for frequent repair and replacement.

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