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3 Benefits To Having Your Baton Rouge Roof Inspected After A Storm

Posted by Robbie Chatelain on Fri, May 12, 2017 @ 12:19 PM

roof inspection CribbsSouth Louisiana gets more than its fair share of violent weather. From squalls that pop up seemingly out of nowhere to hurricanes that we can track for days, it’s no wonder that Louisiana is in second behind Hawaii for the rainiest state in America. After the storms roll through, we are left with whatever damage was left in their wake. When it comes to your roof, many people just give it a cursory glance, and if they don’t see anything wrong, they move on to something else. This is a mistake that is easily corrected and could lead to further damage. In fact, here are three benefits to having your Baton Rouge roof inspected after a storm.

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What does a roofer look for in an inspection?

Anyone can see major damage done to a roof from their vantage point on the ground. A roofer knows how to spot bald or blading shingles, loose shingles or tiles, damaged flashing, and several other problems that may seem small at the time, but could worsen if ignored.

A roofer will inspect inside and out.

While minor damage may be difficult to spot by the untrained eye on top of the roof, it is even tougher to discover in your attic. Inside your attic, a roofer will make sure all your ventilation is intact, check for structural damage, and make sure moisture is not a problem. It is possible that there will be visible condensation, but more likely that it is much subtler.

A roof inspection will help your insurance claim.

Filing a claim with your insurance company can often be an arduous task. You need to be able to tell your insurance company what kind of damage you have and how extensive that damage is. Having your roof professionally inspected gives you the benefit of your claim being backed by a professional. This lends credibility to what you are asking for in your claim. It also provides the benefit of being thorough and making sure you are asking for the right amount. The last thing you want when filing an insurance claim is to overlook something and be forced to go back and amend or ever refile that claim.

If your damage is obvious and visible, of course you will want to hire a roofer you can trust immediately. But, just because you don’t see anything doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to see. Call our team at Cribbs and we can help give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much, or how little, damage you have.

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